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Cinema Robot vs Gravity

There are narratives as old as time...

Light vs. Dark.

Electronics vs. Water.

Robots vs. Gravity.

Well, at least one of those is true. We captured these shots of the UE Wonderboom in all of its waterproof beauty by timing a product drop with our motion control robot camera. There are several ways to do this, but a robot trigger eliminates the variables of timing, speed, and repetition, giving us a much more consistent result shot after shot.

This shot was just an excuse to play with a new camera. We filmed this on the RED V-Raptor in 2K resolution at 480fps. The video quality held up surprisingly very well. On previous RED cameras, we felt that the quality loss was too great on a 2K sensor crop to use the footage. This sensor changed our minds.

After we captured a few shots we liked, our editor sliced them together with some sound design. Ideally, we'd use a pneumatic dropper triggered in the robot's software, MPStudio by Motorized Precision, but for this project, we wanted more variety in the orientation of the product as it hit the water.

Social BTS Edit:

And the full final video:


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