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Illusions of Light

Video production is a blend of art and technical engineering. The goal is to capture light on a 2D image sensor in such a way that it the resulting image looks and feels 3D. Essentially, it’s an illusion that moves the viewer into a new world.

Why the x? 'Lux' is Latin for 'light' and light is at the center of our work. We use light to sculpt the contours of products, illuminate actors, and create environments that help tell a story.  X is also a force-multiplier; a product greater than the sum of its parts. When you assemble teams of talented people you can't help but create something inspiring.

Pro tip: It’s pronounced 'il-luck-shun' and rhymes with 'production'.


Drew Hisey Creative Director

Drew Hisey

Drew is our creative lead. He has over a decade of experience working as a director, DP, and editor. His love of high-end cinematography ushered him toward his role as a director and DoP.


Drew picked up editing in high school to make highlight reels for his football team. He then discovered that teachers would accept video projects in lieu of writing essays—jackpot. He earned his BFA in Digital Filmmaking from the Art Institute of Seattle and went on to co-found Dystnct in 2011, where he worked until co-founding ILLUXION in 2019.

Pete Souphasith Executive Producer

Pete Souphasith

Pete is our lead robot operator and motion control expert.  

Pete found his love for video while filming student projects in high school using a camcorder. After pursuing his business degree at UW and spending many years in corporate America, he transitioned to a career in filmmaking and hasn't looked back. 

Working as a freelancer for several years, he was able to hone his craft in the visual arts before teaming up to start ILLUXION.

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