How long is a standard rental day?

A standard rental day is 10 hours.

Will you paint the cyc wall?

Yes, we will paint the cyc any color you need. Our wall and floor are normally white. We're happy to touch up the white floor at no charge.

If you need to paint the wall a different color, such as chroma green, there is a $4000 premium. This is to reserve the studio for the days before and after the shoot for painting, plus the cost of the paint and supplies.

Do you have G&E available?

We provide a basic G&E package standard with every rental. The grid hangs 15' above the floor. There are six 4-plug electrical outlets above the grid, each with their own dedicated 20-amp circuit. We have 3 phase power with cam locks. Additional G&E is available for rent a la carte.

What are your weekend, OT, and after-hours policies.

Weekend studio reservations are billed at normal rate. Each hour of overtime (after 10 hours) is billed at $150/hr. Call times before 8am will incurr an additional $150 fee for early access.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your deposit is fully refundable up to 72 hours prior to the start of the shoot and 50% refundable up to 24 hours of the shoot. Within 24 hours there is no refund for cancellation.

Can I request a soft hold for shoot days?

Yes, we're happy to put a soft hold on dates for you. If someone wants to challenge the hold we will contact you for first right of refusal to book or release the dates.

Do you have cyc lights?

Cyc lights are included with a studio rental. The cyc wall is pre-lit with eight 2'x1' Luxli Taiko RGBWW light panels. They are intuitively controlled through the Luxli app on our provided iPad and have dozens of pre-programmed effects.

Do you have high speed internet?

The wifi speed throughout the studio is 350+ Mbps upload and download. We have ethernet connection points in the studio itself and in the color/DIT room for maxium reliability during live streams.

Is the studio handicap accessible?

Yes, the studio is all one floor with no stairs.

What's good for crew meals around here?

Zaucer Pizza, Ooba Tooba Mexican, Homegrown, Hello Poke, Potbelly Sandwiches, MOD Pizza, Bangkok Basil

Do you have tables and chairs available?

Yes, we have multiple folding tables and over a dozen chairs available for you to use as needed.

Do you have complimentary beverages?

Yes, we keep the primary fridge stocked with all varieties of sparking waters and a limited selection of sodas for clients to enjoy.


Will you help us crew up a job?

Absolutely. We have friends in every department of production and post. We’re happy to help you crew up the right team for any gig.

Do you work with client-direct or with agencies?

We work both directly with clients and through agencies. We can run the show or follow the lead of an agency of record.

Will you travel?


What gear do you have available?

We have cameras, lenses, lights, grip, power, and camera support available for rent.

Can we hire members of your team a la carte?

Yes, we're available to work on jobs even if we are not the production company.

Are you part of a union?

No, Illuxion is an independent company and does not hold union status.


Can you travel with Dolores?

Yes, Dolores loads nicely into a box truck but requires a forklift to be loaded in and out. She also requires 3 phase power with cam-locks or a tow plant generator to be present on site. We will work with G&E to take care of the power requirements.

How long does Dolores take to set up?

It usually takes about 90 minutes to get us from load-in to programming moves.

Can we move her to different locations around the set?

Yes, Dolores has a motorized wheel and can usually be moved from one spot to another in a matter of minutes.

How long does it take to program a camera move?

Simple moves with a static target can be programed in seconds. Complex moves with multiple points of interest and finessed speed changes can take up to an hour. For very complex, precise shots we'll typically create the move before the shoot day.

What cameras and lenses work best?

Any professional camera can be used and most small to medium-sized lenses with geared focus and aputure rings work best. We typically shoot with RED, Arri, and Phantom cameras. We typically try to stay under 50mm on the lens' focal length.

What are the power requirements?

Dolores requires 3 Phase 480V or 240V with transformer we provide.

How much does it cost to rent Dolores?

Dolores starts at $7,000/day. That includes:
1. The robot 2. Two experienced robot operators 3. A computer running MP Studio 4. A FIZ system to control lenses 5. All standard cables and connections for RED, Arri, and Phantom cameras It does not include a camera or lenses.

Do you have track for larger moves?

Yes, we have 20' of track to accomplish much larger moves. The track is billed out by how many sections are needed and requires additional setup time.