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MEET Dolores.

What is Motion Control?

Our motion control cinema robot, Dolores, adds a hyperreal quality to camera movements, giving you the ability to execute repeatable, complex camera moves at up to 13 feet per second while maintaining perfect focus and framing. The resulting shots tend to look like 3D due to their unreal precision. Ironically, your 3D artists will love her too since it makes their job way easier.

Dolores is travel-ready and can be used in our studio or on-location. Two robot operators will help you achieve the incredible results you're looking for.

Repeat Movements

Match cut like a boss

Repetition isn't always bad. Especially when you need to repeat a camera move multiple times for different takes, products, talent, or backgrounds. 

Smart Focus

So long, human error

We're human; we all make mistakes. But Dolores doesn't. Wide shot or close-up, fast or slow—Dolores will pull focus to where you need it and keep things tack-sharp throughout the move.

Target Tracking

Locked on target

No matter where the camera moves, target tracking ensures it is always looking where you want. Set multiple targets in a shot and transition between them with ease.

Profound Precision

Exactly what you want

Punch into extreme close-ups and explore fine details like never before. Fine tune every aspect of your shot with surgical precision.

Complex Moves

Your imagination is the limit

More dexterity than a yoga guru and longer reach than Yao Ming. Achieve incredibly complex camera moves never before possible.

High Speed

Enhanced super slow motion

Move around people, products, or entire scenes at up to 13 feet per second. This helps to achieve amazing parallax with background and foreground elements. Works wonders in slow motion... and real time.

3D Data

Position, Speed, Roll, Yaw, Yadda-Yadda

Easily export camera data to send to your VFX team and massively reduce the time your team spends on tedious 3D camera position and alignment. With Dolores, the work is already done—giving them more time to work their magic on the rest of the shot.


Achievement Unlocked

The ability to move very slow with absolute precision unlocks a new world of possibilities for hyperlapses, timelapses, and stop motion animation.

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