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Chewy was running a social media promo for their new in-house line of dog food. The client decided the PNW was the right place to get the wilderness vibe they wanted. We landed on the beautiful wilderness surrounding North Bend. Hiking several miles in one day to get a variety of trail and drone shots can feel daunting, especially with clouds looming, but the authenticity in the final product made it all worth it.





Agency: Quickframe

Director & DP: Drew Hisey

Assistant Director: Billy Restey

Camera Dept: ILLUXION

PA: Tom Hanny

PA: TJ Restey

Dog Wrangler: Brad Fox

Props & Set Sylist: Darcey Zoller

HMUA: Tory Simons

Food Stylist: Bridget Meyer

Talent, male: Kyle Bliss

Talent, female: Carina Lewis

Post: Dystnct

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