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Cyc Wall.png

Cyc Stage

Our cyc wall measures 23’ x 32’ on the floor, giving you 736 ft² of working area with a perfect 3’ curve to the wall. There is an additional 850 ft² of working area in front of the stage.​


Sound Treatment

For productions requiring sound recording, you will be pleased to know that our stage has been thoroughly modified to maximize sound quality and insulate against outside noise.


Grip + Electric

We provide a basic G&E package  with every rental. The grid hangs 15' above the floor. There are six 4-plug electrical outlets above the grid, each with their own dedicated 20-amp circuit. We have 3 phase power with cam locks. 

BNC seattle video production.jpg


Every room in our office area has a 4K TV that can display the camera feed from a BNC cable located on the edge of the cyc wall. Turn on a TV, set the input to HDMI1 and you're good to go.


Cyc Lights

The cyc wall is pre-lit with eight 2'x1' Luxli Taiko light panels. They are intuitively controlled through our provided iPad and have dozens of pre-programmed effects.


Office Rooms

Our office area includes a lobby, kitchen, conference room, hair and makeup room, edit/DIT suite, and a second restroom. This provides an additional 1,000 sq ft of space for  clients and crew to utilize.

Studio Parking.jpg


The studio has seven designated parking spots in front of the building. Street parking is widely available for vehicle overflow. Our garage bay feeds directly into the studio, with 12' tall doors for easy load-in.



The wifi speed throughout the studio is 350+ Mbps upload and download. 

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