We require a COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO) to be present for all studio rentals.

We can recommend qualified personnel or you are welcome to provide your own.



  • Upon arrival, each guest will be given a temperature screening by the C19CO. Anyone with a temperature reading of 100.4F or above will not be allowed on set. Temperature records are stored for 90 days then destroyed.  

  • Each guest is required to confirm that they do not have symptoms of illness.




  • Masks must be worn inside at all times except for meals. We have masks and gloves available free of charge.

  • We sanitize our studio and equipment before rental days and require that anyone bringing outside equipment does the same.

  • Each piece of equipment must be handled by one designated person unless each person is wearing gloves.

  • Everyone must maintain 6ft of distance from one another at all times.

  • During lunch, individuals may remove their mask, but must remain seated 6ft away from each other. 

  • Masks must be worn as people move throughout the facility.

  • Craft services must be individually packaged.