Illusions of light.

Video production is a blend of artistry and technicality. It is the process of capturing light on a 2D image sensor in such a way that it creates an immersive 3D experience for the viewer.


Essentially, it’s an illusion.

Then why the X? Lux is Latin for light and light is at the center of our work. We use light to sculpt the contours of products, illuminate actors, and create environments that help tell a story.


It’s pronounced “il-luck-shun” and rhymes with “production”.

The Squad

Drew Hisey

Drew is our creative lead and director, with over a decade of experience working as a director of photography and editor. His love of high-end cinematography has pushed him toward camera robotics and virtual production. 


Drew picked up filmmaking in high school when he discovered teachers would allow him to shoot videos instead of writing essays. He earned his BFA in Digital Filmmaking from the Art Institute of Seattle.

Pete Souphasith

Pete is our lead robot operator and motion control expert. He 

Pete first realized his passion for video while filming student projects in high school using a camcorder. After pursuing his business degree at UW and spending many years in corporate America, he transitioned to a career in filmmaking was the best move.

Tylor Jones

Tylor discovered his love for filmmaking since he was first able to hold a camera. Tylor is our lead cinematographer and studio manager and has over a decade of experience. He enjoys the family aspect of working with different people to create truly incredible videos.